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Our Association

Our Association

NGO Tallinn Child Support Center is an organization that is meant for children, youngsters and for their parents as well as for specialists who work with children and also for everybody who contact with children and youngsters problems.
Tallinn Child Support Center started its work at year 1998 with the financing of Open Estonian Foundation.
The main aim was than helping abused children through psychosocial counseling and psychotherapy. Children’s life and problems are changed during these years. In the same time the understandings of child’s development and its damaging and conducting factors are transformed and improved. Since before Tallinn Child Support Center was a service provider of several social services. Now our main courses of action are conducting projects that improve children’s welfare and offering trainings in our field of action.

People who work in our organization have adequate education and they are experienced in work with children. Members of Tallinn Child Support Center are psychologists, social workers, and project writers, trainers who initiate and implement projects that develop children’s welfare; make trainings for specialists who work with children; involve volunteers in helping children and inform broader public about children’s problems.

Tallinn Child Support Center’s members are devoted and motivated people who have gained experiences and competence in work with children. We have put a lot of attention to cooperation between different specialists with the aim of improving the situation of children at risk. It has been very common to combine the work of psychotherapists and social workers. We are interested in all new things and useful information that happens in all over the world in academic as well as in practice field. As it has been since now we want to give forward our knowledge and know-how to our good colleagues.
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